Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pretty Little.....Things


It feels like my eyelids are experiencing some sort of magnetic pull towards my toes. They weigh about 50 tonnes at the moment but I know I can't go to bed because my favourite show (The Amazing Race) comes on in about an hour. I'm of the belief that CBS should pay me for my loyalty (and let us Canadians participate in the race while they're at it!)

So, I've been meaning to blog. I really have. I even thought about it everyday this past week. Unfortunately, simply "thinking" about it doesn't string my words together and send them out into cyberspace.
--Excuse Alert!--
The new job makes me feel like a sponge that has been completely drained of moisture. At the end of the day, my energy is nonexistent and I feel much like I do at the present moment. I am enjoying the new job, but it's quite high-stress and I'm on the road for 2 hours 5 days a week.

With all that out of the way, I just wanted to share with you a couple of pretty things that I've had my eye on. Because if you're reading this, you probably enjoy pretty things.

This is from Shopbop - one of my absolute favourite places to shop online and just in general. It's by Alex & Ani - an eco-friendly jewelry brand that I love. The ring is called the Smitten Kitten Romance Cocktail Ring (cute name, no?) and you can find it here for $48.97 Canadian.

I know, I know. About 50% of you are probably rolling your eyes right now because everybody and their dog's goldfish's librarian's 2nd cousin twice-removed has a Michael Kors watch of some sort. It's very 'trendy' to own one right now, I suppose. But trust me, I don't jump on trends unless I actually like them, and I think this watch has been incredibly flattering on every wrist I've ever seen it sitting on. I just want it to be flattering on mine at this point! This one is also from Shopbop (but you can get it at a variety of shops) and it's the Jet Set Sport Watch which you can find here. The thing about this watch is that it will set you back about $255.03 Canadian. Poutyface.

These shoes are so lovely and the heels aren't ginormo so I think I MIGHT even be able to walk in them. They're the Selma Sling Backs by Elizabeth and James and I found them at another online boutique called Revolve Clothing. I've never purchased anything from Revolve so I can't comment on the quality of the service, but they have some really, REALLY pretty things. In any case, because these shoes are by Elizabeth & James you know they're going to be outrageously priced (at least by my pocketbook's standards). $275.00 for little heeled sandals? I think I will forever admire them... from afar.

Another Elizabeth & James piece from Revolve Clothing that I can't help but lust over! This dress caught my eye immediately, and if you think it's pretty in this picture - I recommend heading here so that you can take a closer look at the gorgeous detailing of it. This dress is SO my style, but at $395.00, so NOT a price I'm eager to pay.

Love this. It's a shirt, but it looks like a flower. No surprise that it's by Nanette Lepore, who is one of my favourite designers when it comes to romantic and feminine pieces. Again, I discovered this on Revolve, and you can get a closer look at it here. It's called the Seychelles top and it currently costs $298.00.

Have had my eye on this cashmere Vicenzo vest from Oonagh by Nanette Lepore for the longest time. And it's gone on sale! It currently sits at $174.00 and I'm half tempted to get it, but I think Craig would kill me for even suggesting such a thing. :) This is another piece that l found on Revolve - you can view it here. Please don't buy it though because I'll be sad if it sells out, haha.

Michele1218 talked about this on YouTube the other day, and I had been looking for a nice evil eye piece to add to my jewelry collection. I'm not superstitious at all; I don't believe that this will protect me or ward off 'evil spirits.' I do, however, think that it's pretty. It's also by my favourite Etsy jewelry-maker Theresa Mink. I've purchased jewelry from her in the past and was quite impressed with both the quality of the pieces and her service. The best part is that this lovely little gem costs only $38.00 USD. You can find it here. I'm pretty sure I will be ordering this bracelet soon!

Annnd... that's it for this edition of pretty little....things. Pretty is such a subjective word, so I'm wondering: do you like any of these things? Would you wear any of this?

Until next time!
-Laura xo

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  1. I have my eye on a MK watch too Rose Gold :)


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