Saturday, March 12, 2011

Crazy Week, Pretty Nailpolish

Phew! What an overwhelming, crazy week this has been! A lot of pretty big changes have occurred in my life over the course of just a few days and those changes will surely result in me becoming an even busier girl than I have been.

Which is yet another reason why I love delving into the world of beauty/fashion. It's a bit frivolous and provides me with a chance to escape from all the seriousness of life. I'm certain that's something we all can appreciate.

So in light of my intense, arduous week (and the one that's ahead) I've decided to grace you (haha) with yet another care-free NOTD post:

This is Zoya's "Adina" nailpolish, which was released with the Reverie Collection for Spring 2010. This purple-green duochromatic polish caught my eye several months ago but as it is with most products, I wanted to do a bit of research on it before I decided to purchase it for myself.

What I found through my research is that the polish was named after a beauty blogger, and she can be found over at Krasey Beauty. While I knew straight away that this was an incredibly unique colour (I've never seen anything like it in my life) I did read some reviews  which stated that the polish has an abnormally long dry-time on the nails.

Fortunately, I did not find that to be true for me. The dry time was okay but that could very well be a result of me having time to waste when I applied it.

You guys, just look at it! LOOK AT IT! Isn't it lovely? Isn't it special? Application was good (no surprises there - it's Zoya) and I would consider the longevity of the polish on the nails to be average.

If you're looking for something different, something eye-catching and interesting, I would recommend this in a heartbeat! Zoya has such a great range of nailpolish colours to choose from. They tend to create things that nobody else has thought of, and I like that.

The writer of another review I read discussed how she wanted "Adina" in eyeshadow form. I could not agree more. Dear MAC, you listening?

-Laura xoxo

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