Monday, April 25, 2011

Major Haulage

Hauls are fun. Truly.
(WARNING: picture-heavy post. With swatches).

 New NARS blushers! Hooray!

Top: NARS "Mata Hari"
Bottom: NARS "Madly"

Top: Annabelle "Rose Fawn"
Bottom: Bourjois "74 Rose Ambré

Pictured above: Bourjois Délice de Poudre "Peaux claires/médianes 51" (smells like chocolate... yum)

 And in case you're curious about the packaging of the three more unfamiliar products:

Swatched, left to right: Bourjois bronzing powder; NARS "Madly"; NARS "Mata Hari"; Annabelle "Rose Fawn"; & Bourjois "Rose Ambré"

An entire video dedicated to this haul will be up in the morning.
Until then....


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shorts Story; Shorts Blog

Rather than beginning this post with the obligatory excuse for why I've been so M.I.A., I'll just say that if you follow me on Twitter you probably know that I've had a lot going on and you may also have some insight into why I wasn't able to post last week.

But seriously, on to the mindless stuff.
I have a pretty nailpolish to show you. Pretty, that is, if you're into almost sickeningly feminine, vibrant, medium Barbie-pinks. Naturally, it was love at first application for me.

The specs:

Name & Brand: Shorts Story; OPI
Application: Smooth, easy to work with
Longevity: Decent, average
Shade: This is more subjective, of course, but in my humble opinion it is nothing short of fabulous

I had heard horror stories about the application of this nailpolish prior to my purchasing it, but I'm pleased to report that was not my experience with the polish at all - and I'm rather picky when it comes to nailpolish formulations. Mostly because I make a terrible manicurist. No joke, I could definitely benefit from taking some sort of remedial nailpolish class. 'Nailpolish Application for Dummies' or something of the like.

For reference, the above photos were taken with flash photography (at night, as per usual) and I've applied two coats. Underneath I have applied my favourite base:

And then I finished it all off with favourite topcoat:

Recently I've discovered another basecoat/topcoat that I've been loving as well. But more on that later....

What do you think of OPI's Shorts Story? Is it a colour you'd dare to wear? Also, what is your favourite topcoat and basecoat?

Laura xoxo

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gettin' My Hurr Did?

Major yuck.

I've "contracted" my second cold in just 2 weeks, but this one is even worst than the first was. I always try to let my body heal itself naturally - so instead of popping pills or downing a Buckley's mixture (which actually does taste awful and work, by the way) I've been consuming copious amounts of orange juice and forcing myself to sleep more than I usually do. My immune system and I are not friends.

The silver lining in all this is that I have a week-long break coming up this month and the weather is starting to get warmer. Whenever the temperatures start to rise after a long, cold, Canadian winter - I start to crave change. Change of scenery, change of pace, change of.... hair.

I've been debating going a bit lighter with my hair colour for awhile now. It's a scary proposition because I adore dark hair so much. I've been nearly blonde before so it isn't like I'm a stranger to changing my hair - it's just that I've been a brunette for so long now and have enjoyed it thoroughly. I love the way dark hair contrasts with pale skin (à la Anne Hathaway) and also the way it complements darker, tan skin (à la Penelope Cruz). Alas, I think I'm ready to add some more complexion-brightening tones to my hair - at least for the warmer months.

This all started when I began watching the current season of American Idol. I immediately fell in love with Jennifer Lopez's soft, caramel/honey hair.

Then, somebody tweeted this (super sexy) picture of Olivia Wilde. And while the rest of the world was probably staring at her hot body, I was staring at her beautiful hair.

Of course there's still a part of me that thinks nothing will ever come close to the loveliness of this:

And another part of me that lusts over this unattainable hair:

But I'm looking for more of a middle ground like JLo, Olivia, or......



And just to prove to you my familiarity with various shades on the hair-colour spectrum:

I'm thinking it's also time for more layers as my hair is currently all one length (with the exception of my terribly annoying bangs). I've recently come to the realization that my hair is way too thick to not have layers.

Will any of you be changing your hair colour this spring/summer? And which of the above photos do you think I should I bring to my hairdresser?

Laura xo
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