Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gettin' My Hurr Did?

Major yuck.

I've "contracted" my second cold in just 2 weeks, but this one is even worst than the first was. I always try to let my body heal itself naturally - so instead of popping pills or downing a Buckley's mixture (which actually does taste awful and work, by the way) I've been consuming copious amounts of orange juice and forcing myself to sleep more than I usually do. My immune system and I are not friends.

The silver lining in all this is that I have a week-long break coming up this month and the weather is starting to get warmer. Whenever the temperatures start to rise after a long, cold, Canadian winter - I start to crave change. Change of scenery, change of pace, change of.... hair.

I've been debating going a bit lighter with my hair colour for awhile now. It's a scary proposition because I adore dark hair so much. I've been nearly blonde before so it isn't like I'm a stranger to changing my hair - it's just that I've been a brunette for so long now and have enjoyed it thoroughly. I love the way dark hair contrasts with pale skin (à la Anne Hathaway) and also the way it complements darker, tan skin (à la Penelope Cruz). Alas, I think I'm ready to add some more complexion-brightening tones to my hair - at least for the warmer months.

This all started when I began watching the current season of American Idol. I immediately fell in love with Jennifer Lopez's soft, caramel/honey hair.

Then, somebody tweeted this (super sexy) picture of Olivia Wilde. And while the rest of the world was probably staring at her hot body, I was staring at her beautiful hair.

Of course there's still a part of me that thinks nothing will ever come close to the loveliness of this:

And another part of me that lusts over this unattainable hair:

But I'm looking for more of a middle ground like JLo, Olivia, or......



And just to prove to you my familiarity with various shades on the hair-colour spectrum:

I'm thinking it's also time for more layers as my hair is currently all one length (with the exception of my terribly annoying bangs). I've recently come to the realization that my hair is way too thick to not have layers.

Will any of you be changing your hair colour this spring/summer? And which of the above photos do you think I should I bring to my hairdresser?

Laura xo


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE dark hair on you. Stunning. I would personally say go dark or like the Olivia Wilde picture. Stunning stunning stunning. Enough said. Even though lighter colors are more appropriate for the warmer months....luckily you are one of those people of envy who will look gorgeous no matter what <3

  2. Are you naturally blonde? I love dark hair on you! I think I'm going to agree with Makenzie and go with the Olivia Wilde picture.

    PS Where are you in the first picture of yourself? It looks gorgeous!

  3. Christiana: Naturally brunette - but my hair is a bit lighter naturally than it currently is. The first picture of me was taken in Santorini, Greece! Gorgeous place! xo

    Makenzie: Thank-you! I'm still a bit undecided about the hair. I probably won't do anything too drastic. Probably. :) xo

  4. You know what is crazy? Your pictures are far prettier than all of the ones you posted of the celebrities.

    Can I just say how insanely JEALOUS I am that you had the chance to visit Santorini? Wow. That is my idea of paradise. I want to die on a beach there. Seriously.

    Anyway, I am currently feeling the need to lighten my hair. I used a blonde box dye that lightened it about 3 shades (hardly noticable) and while it did partly satisfy my desire to go lighter, I am still lusting after a shimmery golden blonde color that will require some serious damage to attain.

    I think you look stunning with every hair color. Dark brown suits you so well. I think that the color you had in your last picture is stunning and actually is the exact color I wish I had right now. How did you manage to lighten it and get it to look so healthy??

    I seem to have written you an essay. I apologize.


  5. @Maria Thanks so much! And Santorini is a must-see. Simply gorgeous. When I backpacked in Europe I ended off my trip with about a week of pure relaxation there. It was fantastic!

    YOU, my dear, have gorgeous hair as is! Just beautiful!
    Going lighter scares me a little bit because you're right, it's expensive to attain and not particularly healthy for the hair either. I love dark hair too, but I'm just ready for a bit of a change at this point! How's this: I'll go super light if you will! haha

    And don't worry RE: essay comments. They're my fave! xoxo

  6. Hey! Just made a blog here and saw you on Averys. It's funny actually cos I just coloured my hair and then I read this post. I think the J-Lo highlights were great when you were tan, but you were never more beautiful than with the dark (assuming natural) hair. And pale skin. Maybe cos that's my colouring but hey ho. Geez, you're so GORGEOUS!!

  7. Oh hey Daisy! Nice to see you here!
    You all are really making me second-guess my hair-colouring urges. Hair decisions are so hard to make for some reason haha. I really appreciate your feedback of course!
    Will check out your blog immediately Daisy! xoxo

  8. I love your hair color on that white t-shirt. So lovely. You should share this hair tips/colors on Lifo. It's a fun interactive site for girls where they can share their beauty tips and fashion trends to others.


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