Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's on my Beauty Wishlist?

What did you do today? 

Personally, I spent the better part of today admiring a whole slew of beauty products online. I was given a $100 VISA giftcard for Christmas and have been waiting for the right moment to use it. I think the moment has arrived. Here are some of the lovely products I've been eyeing:

1. Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in "Dragon"

---I currently own only one Chanel lip product and it's a Glossimer that was given to me as a gift. It's just hard for me to justify spending so much on a single beauty product. However, once in awhile I think it can be justifiable, and this is one of those instances. Chanel "Dragon" is the most beautiful shade of red I've ever seen. I originally saw it on Temptalia's pout and have been pining after it ever since. When Temptalia raves about something over and over again, you know it's probably worth having in your collection.

2. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté lipsticks in #9 (Pink Caress), #13 (Peach Passion), and #27 (Rose Paris)

--- I have one Rouge Volupté lipstick, and it's #7 Lingerie Pink. While the colour is pretty, it isn't the most wearable lipstick I've ever owned. It's this extremely light, milky pink that is almost too pale for my strongly pigmented lips. As for the packaging and formula? To die for. Seriously. The packaging alone would almost be worth the 30-something dollars it costs, even if there was no product in it. In any case, I would like to own just a few more of these luxury lipsticks and the three mentioned above are the ones that have grabbed my attention. They all seem like they would work much better for me colour-wise.


3. NARS eyeshadow duo in "Silk Road"

--- I own several NARS eyeshadow duos and they never cease to impress me. "Silk Road" is not one that I have heard a whole lot about, but it is one that I am certain I would love to add to my collection. The first colour looks like it may have some similarities to a couple of my favourite eyeshadows, namely: Stila's "Kitten" and MAC's "Naked Lunch." The second colour looks as though it has pure gold woven through it, and I have a feeling that it holds potential of becoming a go-to shade for me.


4. Chanel Vitalumière Aqua

--- I blame the Pixiwoo sisters for this one. I have never owned a Chanel foundation. I was quite tempted by the Chanel Vitalumière, but always decided to pass for one reason or another (usually as a result of the pricetag). What's more, though, is that while I love the look of dewy, glowy skin, I don't like the look of slippery, slimy skin and I worried that's what I would get with Vitalumière. After watching the Pixiwoo sisters apply this and hearing them say that it gives you dewy skin but not to the extreme of Vitalumière, I decided it was a better option for me. Right now I have several foundations that I need to get through before I can justify purchasing another, but this one is most certainly on the list!


5. Dior eyeshadow palette in "Incognito"

--- I have been lusting after this palette for such a long time now. Firstly, the packaging is nothing short of incredible. Secondly, those colours are just screaming out my name. Loudly. I don't know how much longer I can handle the screaming.


6. Clinique brush-on cream liner in "True Black"

--- The reason I haven't purchased this yet is because I still have over half of my MAC "Blacktrack Fluidline" and over three-fourths of my Stila Sumdgepot in "Black." However, the Stila Smudgepot is bordering on ununsable and the Blacktrack Fluidline is not much better. They've both dried out significantly. I'm working Jillian Michaels style to make them go the distance as I hate being wasteful. Rumour has it that the Clinique gel liner lasts much longer and glides across the eyelids very smoothly. As someone who knows just how annoying it is to have so much product dry out on you (care to discuss MUFE Smokey Lash mascara anyone?) I appreciate a product I can actually hit pan on and it is a welcomed addition to my wishlist.


7. MAC lipsticks in "Hue," "Blankety," and "Crème Cup"

--- I already have what I feel is an extensive MAC lipstick collection (though it probably pales in comparison to a lot of other beauty bloggers), but it should be pretty obvious by this point that my major weakness is lip products in general. These three lipsticks are staples for MAC collectors - cult favourites, if you will. Therefore, it makes good sense that as an avid lipstick collector I feel like I probably need them. Think of it this way: if you collected hockey cards or stamps, you know you'd yearn to add the most sought-after ones to your collection. And in this case, it doesn't hurt that all three colours appear to be extremely flattering.


8. MAC eyeshadows in "Bamboo," "Cork," "Wedge," and "Vapour"

--- If you view the links to the swatches of these eyeshadows, you'll see that I'm still on a neutral kick. I don't think that will change anytime soon. It's not that I don't love colour - because I do. However, I'd choose bold lips over bold eyes any day of the week. A result of this is that the purples/pinks/blues/greens in my eyeshadow palettes are not the recipients of a whole lot of love from me.  :(


If you could see my Sephora shopping list or my MAC "favourites" list, you would know that this is certainly not an exhaustive list. Nevertheless - these products have really stopped me dead in my tracks and I am hoping to use my VISA giftcard to make a wonderful (albeit small) dent in this list very soon!

Do you have experiences with any of these products? What is on your beauty wishlist currently?

Laura xo

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  1. Id love all of the above aswell, I've had my eye on the ysl puppies for some time x


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