Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feelin' Minty

Hello dear readers,

Today I come to you with one of my favourite nailpolish colours ever: The infamous "Mint Candy Apple" by Essie. I feel like you'd be hard pressed to find a nailpolish lover who doesn't have this baby in his/her collection, as it's quickly becoming a classic.

This polish has the ability to transform nails into something of a work of art. It's unusual and it's sophisticated. I know that this polish came out with Essie's Winter of 2009 collection, but when I like something I like something - whether it comes from 1932 or 2011.

As is the case with most Essie colours of the pastel variety, I find the formulation leaves something to be desired. This is a colour I have to be very careful with when applying. In general I value instant gratification - with nailpolishes that translates into something I can quickly slap on the nails to admire right away. For me, application of this polish takes patience. Perseverance, even. But oh, how it's worth it. I give it a 4.5/5.

So, do you own this colour? If yes, do you love it as much as I do?
If no, why not?

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