Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oscillation Mascara

Hello beautiful people,

Question: What do you think of oscillation mascaras? Are they legit, or simply a gimmick?

A couple of months ago I went to my nearest Lancome counter to pick up the Defincils mascara. I had never tried a mascara by Lancome in the past, but had heard good things about this particular one and decided that I definitely needed it. When I got there the saleslady was really quite effective in convincing me that I absolutely had to have Lacome's oscillation mascara instead (which, of course, just happened to be more expensive).

I paid over $40 for this baby. Ridiculous, right? I mean - I should not be paying $40 for a mascara when there are drugstore brands that already do the job quite well in my opinion. Nevertheless, I succumbed to the pressure. She made it seem like I would just have to gently glide it over my lashes once and my lashes would give Megan Fox's a run for their money.

So in the above photo you can see that at the top of the mascara there is a little button. You just press in on that and glide the applicator over your lashes. No shimmying of the wand required.

When it comes to the applicator, whatever the opposite of a fan is, I am that. And to be completely honest I'm not fussy about the formula either. I find the coating it leaves on my lashes to be rather - well - strange.

Now if I can get through applying this mascara without making a huge mess all over my face, I am able to achieve some relatively dramatic results. HOWEVER, that is providing that I go back with tweezers or something equally as annoying to separate my lashes manually. Manual eyelash separation? No thanks. Applicators built to separate eyelashes? YES please!

So, this one was kind of a miss for me. I find myself reaching for this only because I know that I can't keep it for a lot longer and I don't want to be wasteful. But most of the time I am wanting to use one of my other products.

What about you guys? Are there any oscillation mascaras you like? Personally I kind of feel like I'm quite content to apply my mascara sans vibration, but then I've only tried the one product, too. Let me know if you've had similar or dissimilar experiences!

Have a lovely day and until next time....

Laura xoxo

P.S. I also have a new video up on YouTube, and you can view it HERE.

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