Saturday, January 23, 2010

Romantic Purple

The other day I filmed a tutorial entitled: Purple Romance.

I have always loved the colour purple. It evokes a sense of mystery, mysticism and romance. It was for those reasons that it was my colour of choice and I thought it would be such a great colour to go with for a Valentine's Day tutorial. I hope to film another Valentine's Day tutorial before Feb. 14th just in case there are any people who weren't so much feeling the purple. :)

I really like the look because it is sexy without being too overdone. And if you've been following my videos on YouTube then you know I'm not a huge fan of overdone, unless I'm going to a costume party or it's Halloween! Natural beauty > fake beauty. Makeup should enhance our features not mask them.

I loved pairing the purple eyes with soft pink cheeks and lips. Very feminine, flirty, and girly. Like I said, perfect for Valentine's Day!

To watch the tutorial you can click here: VALENTINE'S DAY TUTORIAL: Purple Romance. You will find a list of products I used in the sidebar. Also, you can go to my channel: Laura Rae-Lynn's YT channel to watch the rest of my videos and perhaps subscribe so that you'll know when I upload a new one!

I have recently decided that if and when I become blessed with an abundance of subscribers on YouTube or followers on my website, I will have to invest in a better camera. I'm aware that the built-in camera on my MacBook is not really conducive to filming fabulous tutorials because quite frankly it does a terrible job of picking up colour and whatnot! Also, these pictures were taken with that same camera so they too are not really doing the look justice. I still haven't figured out how to take self-shots using the SLR, but in due time, little ones, in due time!

I wish you all a happy Sunday!

Stay beautiful,
Laura Rae-Lynn XOXO

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