Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grand Opening

Hello beautiful people!

Welcome to the grand opening of my beauty blog: The Beauty Box by Laura-Raelynn!

Blogging is like second-nature to me, I've been doing it for years. Yet, when it comes to this one I'm a bit like a baby colt learning how to walk: I am a beauty blog virgin.

But hey, I figure that since I love blogging and I love all-things-beauty, I should find my legs pretty fast. :)

I have recently begun filming makeup videos for YouTube. I was inspired to do this after watching videos made by other beauty gurus. I am quite enjoying it so far, and am up to 41 subscribers already! Okay, I know that is nothing compared to JuicyStar07's over 200 000, but I'm working on it!

I have to be honest, though I have always loved makeup, I have only recently begun to collect it. My collection feels so incredibly itty bitty when I compare it with that of other YouTube gurus. I mean to the point where I find myself even questioning my adequacy. But I quickly snap out of that when I realize that having too much makeup is not only wasteful, but sad. When I look at some of these people's collections my first thought is usually: "I want! I want!" But then I always begin to recognize that if "I had! I had!" I would inevitably wind up feeling like crap after thinking about how many people I could have helped feed with the cost of a single tube of lipstick.

I'm not downing on any of the gurus - I know a lot of the stuff they get sent for free. I just think that my collection, albeit small, is really serving me well. I have nearly every colour eyeshadow I could ever want or need (thanks, Coastal Scents!) and am able to create billions, if not gazillions of different looks from what I have, sans wastefulness.

I really admire lollipop26 for her "project 10 pan." I know that she must have a lot of makeup already in order for her to even think about embarking on a project such as this, but at least she is thinking about it and addressing the problem. Because of this she currently earns the top spot as my favourite makeup guru. Plus she seems intelligent. Plus she follows me on Twitter. Plus her name is Laura.

Okay, the point is, nobody needs more makeup than they can ever use. I am continually reminding myself of that fact.

So what's going to happen around here? "The Beauty Box" is going to consist of reviews, contests/giveaways (once I get a large enough following) finds, favourites, the works! And I won't just stop at makeup, oh no! I love clothes nearly as much as I love make-up. Makeup will probably dominate the majority of discussions, but I fully intend to poke a garment in here and there as well.

The most important thing I can share about myself is that there is much more to me than an obsession with all things beauty, style and fashion. My little motto is: "eat, breathe, and sleep beauty, style and fashion (among other things!)" That last little bit is important. I am a graduate student, a thinker, a writer, a nature and animal lover, and a musician. Beauty is not my life. I realize that in keeping up with a beauty blog and filming beauty videos regularly I run the risk of being labelled as shallow. All of these material things are nothing more than a hobby to me. A creative and artistic outlet, a way for me to relax and have fun. Please do not read too much into it.

So, without further ado.... shall we cut the ribbon?

*************snip snip*************

In any case, I hope you join me on this journey of mine as together we explore the art of beauty from the inside out!

Stay beautiful,

Laura Rae-Lynn XOXO


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