Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MAC Lipstick Collection

As promised in my latest youtube video: swatches and whatnot!

The entirety of my MAC lip product collection

From left to right: 
1.) Peachstock (satin)
2.) Myth (satin)
3.) Crème D'Nude (cremesheen)
4.) Fresh Brew (lustre)
5.) Hug Me (lustre)
6.) Hue (glaze)
7.) Viva Glam II (satin)
8.) Blankety (amplified creme)
9.) Angel (frost)
10.) Viva Glam Gaga  (lustre) 


  • My favourites of these are: Fresh Brew, Hug Me, Hue, Viva glam II, Blankety, Angel, and Viva Glam Gaga. 
  • I can make Peachstock work a bit better than Myth or Crème D'Nude, though it still doesn't make my favourites list. 
  • I actually kind of detest Myth if I'm honest. It doesn't appear overly dreadful in the swatch but it just gives me that horrid corpse-like effect that I do not desire! 
  • As you can tell from the swatches - If you have Blankety you probably don't need Viva Glam II. Though for some reason I tend to slightly prefer VGII over Blankety. 
  • Fresh Brew and Hug Me are a bit underrated as far as MAC lipsticks go. On the days when you want a natural but polished look - they are both really nice options. 
  • Viva Glam Gaga has unfortunately been discontinued, but if you're lucky some MAC stores may still have a few in stock. You can see what VGGaga looks like on my lips here.

From left to right:
1.) Viva Glam I (matte)
2.) Back to Del Rio (lustre)
3.) Girl About Town (amplified creme)
4.) Show Orchid (amplified creme)
5.) Viva Glam VI (lustre)
6.) Twig (satin)
7.) Impassioned (amplified creme)
8.) Viva Glam Cyndi (lustre)
9.) Chatterbox (amplified creme)
10.) Ravishing (cremesheen) 
11.) Blooming Lovely (amplified creme)


  • I honestly love every single one of these lipsticks, though my most worn would have to be Girl About Town, Twig, Impassioned, Viva Glam Cyndi, Chatterbox, and Ravishing. 
  • You can view on-the-lips swatches of Blooming Lovely here
  • Back to Del Rio has been discontinued which is unfortunate because I love me some vampy lustres (lustres are my favourite finish of MAC lipsticks). 
  • Show Orchid is definitely the most unique of the bunch; there is a blue-ish tint that hasn't quite shown itself in these pictures. If you think that Girl About Town and Show Orchid are too similar to own both, I would beg to differ! You NEED both! (If you're a fan of bright, juicy-looking lips especially!) 
  • Like Viva Glam Gaga, Viva Glam Cyndi has been discontinued. BUT I know of a few people who have found this gorgeous gem in their MAC stores in the past few weeks. Could never hurt to check!

From left to right:
1.) Tinted lip conditioner in Fuchsia Fix
2.) Tinted lip conditioner in Petting Pink
3.) Russian Red lipglass
4.) Star Nova lustreglass
5.) Baby Sparks dazzleglass
6.) Underage lipglass
7.) Pretty Plush plushglass


  • I LOVE the tinted lip conditioners. They have an SPF of 15, smell heavily of vanilla (even more so than the regular lipstick line), and feel like butter on the lips.
  • Of the two tinted lip conditioners, Fuchsia Fix is by far my favourite. Its purpose is to moisturize and protect your lips more than anything - but, I appreciate the fact that it has much better colour payoff than Petting Pink.
  • Not a huge fan of Dazzleglasses. They are sticky and the amount of glitter is pretty intense.
  • Plushglasses are my favourite type of MAC lipgloss. They are less sticky than the others and make my lips feel tingly (some plumping properties). They are also infused with a larger amount of that vanilla scent, which for some might be nauseating. But the more scent the better is my motto! HOWEVER, as you can tell from the photos, Pretty Plush is nothing spectacular colour-wise. It almost just looks like a clear gloss with a tiny amount of sparkle. Not my thing!
  • If you were to get any of these things, I would personally suggest the tinted lip conditioners! But then, lipgloss is not exactly my forté!

Hope the swatches were satisfactory! My arm had faint lipstick stains on it for a couple days after I took these photos. Oh, the things we do for beauty....



  1. I LOVE Hug Me-I completely agree that it doesn't get the love/hype it deserves. It's my go-to nude. I'll have to check fresh brew out the next time I hit up my MAC counter.

  2. Love the swatches. I am lemming Ravishing at the monent, I was eyeing it up at MAC today. I didn't have the money to get it.. I think I might "finish" off, or so scrap out the rest of the products that I don't use (ie blot powder and mac zoom lash) and b2m it so that I can get that lipstick.:)

  3. @peony Hug Me is awesome. The lustre finish makes it the most incredibly wearable nude ever. Same thing with Fresh Brew, which doesn't look like much in the swatches, but looks so nice on! YES - you must try it! :)

  4. @Justine I have never B2Med anything yet, I need to get on that! Yes, Ravishing is ... well... ravishing. I haven't ever seen another lipstick like it. The perfect peachy/orangey shade. Another LOVELY peach lipstick is the YSL Rouge Volupté in #13 - Peach Passion, I believe it's called? They're by far my two favourite peachy lipsticks! :)

  5. Beautiful lipstick collection. I like your collection. I love to use lipstick. Thanks for sharing with us your lipstick collection. Keep posting...


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