Sunday, August 21, 2011

Well Hello There

Maine to New Hampshire to New York to Pennsylvania to Ohio to Michigan to Indiana to Illinois to Wisconsin to Minnesota to North Dakota to Montana.

These were the states I travelled through over the span of 2 weeks. Hopefully this will help explain (but not excuse) my absence. I really have nothing to offer about why there was only one post in July.

At any rate, before I left I finally received my first Luxe Box. For those of you who don't know, Luxe Box is the Canadian Birch-Glossy-Sparkly-Glittery-Eco-Shiny-Frilly box. Basically, it's just a service that allows you to sign up (and pay) for a subscription to receive deluxe samples of beauty and skincare items in the mail on a monthly basis.

This company almost made my blacklist. I was pretty positive I had signed up for the months of June-July-August and when I didn't receive the June Luxe box and couldn't get much of a response from the company, I was not a happy camper. Eventually though, I got in contact with someone who assured me I had actually signed up for July-August-September, so then I lowered my fists a little.

Right before I moved I took a few photos of the goods for you!

Cute packaging, no?


1.) A full-sized Essie polish. These can retail anywhere from $7-15, depending on where you live and where you're shopping. It's nice that they included a full-size here, that fact doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. But the shade, 'In Stitches' makes me want to say 'meh' - a word I never typically use. 

2.) A sample-sized 'Proclaim' hair oil treatment. This made me wish I would have filled out my profile a little differently, though I feel like surely I said that I'd prefer cosmetic items over hair care. In any case, I have Moroccan Oil, Macadamia Oil, and a bottle of Chi Silk Infusion sitting in my cupboard right now. Another hair oil is kind of the last thing I need. As for the quality of this product, I'll let you know when I get through some of the others.

3.) A sample-sized fragrance: "Stella in Two Peony." Believe it or not, this little sample was the hidden gem of the Luxe Box for me. I used it up in about 2 days and am contemplating getting a full size eventually. It's quite pleasing to the ol' olfactory.

4.) The fourth and final product didn't make me go 'meh' as much as it made me go 'what the hell?' The card that came with my box clearly stated that I was receiving a Trucco lipliner. My first thought (before I took it out of the box) was: 'oh, it's another full-sized product, YAY!' My second thought was the aforementioned 'what the hell?' coupled with a befuddled 'it's grey????' Upon further research, I discovered that these (very creamy) pencils can be used as lipliners or eyeliners. So we're good. Still, I can't help but wonder if they ran out of lipliners by the time they got around to putting my box together.

Overall, I'd give my first box a B-. Seeing two full-sized products made me extremely happy, but none of the products, other than the perfume, thrilled me. And I don't even think the little perfume sample was completely full so it was gone in no time (I believe the full-sized version is about $56 to purchase).

I'm excited to see what the August Luxe Box has in store. The good thing about this service is that at the very least it's something to look forward to each month! Who doesn't love getting stuff in the mail? 

For good measure I'll leave you with a few completely unedited, 100% true-to-life pictures of a lovely sunset in my home province. Enjoy.


  1. Amaaazing pictures!! Great blog x

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