Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Everyday Chic

I want this outfit.

I wanted to create a combination of casual and chic and I think I achieved that!
This is totally wearable. Or, something I would wear - at least!
I know some of the pieces are ridiculously expensive, but hey, there are always ways to "get the look for less" and it's usually pretty easy to find cheap(er) substitutions. Because let's face it, not too many sane people (rich or not) are insane enough to spend almost $2000 on a handbag. Even one that happens to be as fabulous as the one above.


  1. Aw, just a great look! Especially the bag and the nail polish <3

  2. Thanks! I want that bag so bad, but would never be able to justify paying that much for it! :)

  3. These go so well together. Would definately wear this outfit. Did you put it together yourself?


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