Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Lush Haul

I'm a bad blogger! BAD! I should probably work on that - especially considering the fact that I think I'm actually more cut out to write about beauty products than make videos about them. (Though, I'm still enjoying making videos about them, too!)

I'm here today with another Lush haul. I ordered a bunch of goodies from them awhile back because I was all out and basically dying to be able to lie in a sea of bubbles while reading a good book. FYI: Bubbles and books = one of my favourite combinations.

I decided to get all bubble bars because as I mentioned in a previous post... they are far and above my favourite Lush products. Not really feeling the bath bombs. It's like they fizzle for a few minutes and then disappear. Kinda anti-climactic. Bubble bars, on the other hand, give you something to savour and enjoy for the entirety of your bathing experience!

This is the "Karma" bubble bar. I tried it for the first time the other day and actually quite liked it. It's definitely not my favourite, but I would consider repurchasing.

What it looks like after I get at it with a knife. (This one is a little smaller than some of the others, so I just cut it into 4 chunks).

An eternal favourite of mine: "The Comforter" bubble bar. This is the second one of these that I've owned, and because it's kind of massive I get 6 chunks out of it. Just look at its pink swirly deliciousness!

"Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds" - just the name of it makes me feel happy on the inside. I haven't tried this one yet, but it smells divine. It's about the same size as "The Comforter" so again, 6 chunks.

This one is called the "Dorothy" bubble bar, and is the only one I purchased that I hadn't received recommendations for or even heard about. It's a bit smaller than the others, so I just halved it (no picture - sorry!) I have to say... this is right up there with "The Comforter" for me. It MIGHT even surpass it. I've already used the whole thing (except the rainbow, which fell off when I cut it in half) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tho-rough-ly.

Oh! I did get something other than just bubble bars:

This is the Sweet Lips Chocolate & Vanilla Lip Scrub. You know anything that has chocolate in its name is on my radar. LOVE THIS. It's legitimately yummy. I use it just about every day, which I'm probably not supposed to, but.... lip exfoliation FTW!

Also got a couple of samples that I haven't used yet:

Annnd that's it for this round! I'm glad to finally have bubbles back in my life.... nobody does bubbles better than Lush.

Have you tried any of these products?

Until next time!
-Laura xo


  1. I love the "Sweet Lips" lip scrub, and Iam using it every morning too! It's so yummy (What? Iam not supposed to eat it? Well...)!
    Did you try their soaps? Iam a Lush addict lol
    Elodie XoXo

  2. Really? Are we really not supposed to eat it? I eat it ALL THE TIME, and will continue to do so until it's finished! :) Do you have the same flavour as me?

    I've tried just a few samples of their soaps. I'm more of a body wash type of girl, but I haven't tried any body washes from Lush yet!

    Thanks for reading Elodie! Talk to you soon I'm sure, you're like my Twitter bff, haha. xoxo


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